Our Values

Students First

Part of our core mandate as an educational institution is to put our students first. Our staff is committed to providing our students with the programs, services and personal support to ensure their success. Simply put, we are here because of our students.

During my time at St. Lawrence College I made a point of getting involved in the school community, and I found at every turn SLC made a point of improving the lives of their students and the communities in which they reside. As a peer tutor in math and accounting, I saw how the College made it their mission to find supports for students struggling in order to help them achieve success. SLC cares about every student that goes here and making sure they do the best they possibly can.”

- Chad Izatt, Business Student, Brockville Campus


Our College succeeds because of teamwork. Our dedicated and talented staff works together to achieve our collective mission. We are committed to fostering the skills, knowledge and passion of our team to deliver excellence in all that we do – for our students, our colleagues, and our communities.

 Teaching is a team sport and learning is no longer restricted to traditional classrooms. That is why teamwork plays such an important role in supporting the student experience at SLC. Whether processing a capital purchase for a new laboratory, developing a new learning plan for a course, or helping students with registration inquiries – people are working as a team to ensure every student is #ProudtobeSLC.”

- André Léger, Associate Dean, School of Contemporary Teaching and Learning


Providing educational opportunities that deliver value to our students requires us to be resourceful and creative. This will ensure our College thrives as an institution and is resilient to external pressures. We believe building upon our achievements and focusing on innovation will advance the College and allow us to meet the evolving needs of our students now and in the future.

 Innovation in the context of my world takes the form of solving problems and creating value for our students and stakeholders that helps the rubber hit the road. It is often messy and requires resilience with a tolerance for ambiguity. I feel encouraged and trusted to be intrapreneurial and explore the “What If?” of possibility at SLC. To try, adapt, fix, and sometimes fail – because even in failure something is learned. The best part is that I am typically able to mentor and share the process and outcome with our students.”

- Pam Armstrong, Marketing Placement Coordinator, Educator


As we work toward our vision and mission, we strive to continually build trust with our students, staff, and community partners. We exemplify integrity; it governs our actions and decision-making processes.

 Some of my favourite memories from my time at the College were spent suiting up for SLC as an athlete. I think that integrity and the relationships the college builds with their athletes is one of the many things that make SLC so amazing. As a student athlete, I felt as though my opinion was valued regarding important decisions involving both the soccer and hockey teams - I think that mutual trust and respect is so important when establishing that athlete/college relationship.”

- Colton Gallant, Business Student, Cornwall Campus


We believe honesty, inclusivity and accountability are the pathways to success. As our communities evolve, we look to create a sense of belonging for our students, team, and partners. We celebrate diversity, respect our differences, value contributions, and foster an environment where everyone feels they can participate without discrimination in our College community.

 I believe belonging is when students, faculty, and staff feel free and are encouraged to be themselves and not hide, for example, aspects of their identity such as disability, religion, culture, or sexual orientation. One way to encourage this openness is through getting to know all members of a community. I have observed faculty investing in the important task of getting to know who SLC students truly are; their unique backgrounds, strengths, and values which in turn, contributes to a stronger, more inclusive, and innovative teaching and learning environment.”

- Ekta Singh, Inclusivity and Intercultural Specialist, School of Contemporary Teaching and Learning