Board of Governors

Ginette Ferguson, Chair

Roger Richard, Vice Chair

Bruce Tessier, Vice Chair

Grand Chief Abram Benedict

Lynn Bowering

Sean Burns, Support Staff Representative

Julie Caffin

Stephane Gibeault, Student Representative

Andrée LeBancq, Administrative Representative

Denis Martel

Denise Nielsen, Faculty Representative

Michelle Podhy

Stephen Sliwa

Trea Tuck

Glenn Vollebregt, Ex Officio

Executive Officers

Glenn Vollebregt, President and CEO

Eileen De Courcy, Senior Vice President, Academic

Gary Earles, Senior Vice President, Student Services and Human Resources

Patricia Kerth, Senior Vice President, Corporate Service, CFO, and Treasurer to the Board of Governors

Kathy O’Brien, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Communications and Advancement

Don Young, Vice President, International Education

We would also like to extend our gratitude to our students, faculty, staff, union leaders, student governments, alumni and community partners who helped to shape this plan.